Day 27 – The Creation Museum

Day 27 – The Creation Museum

*Sidenote – some unexpected medical issues have caused this delay in finishing out the blog for our trip*

This morning, we overslept.  As I bolted up in bed, I knew that we were late.  Jimmy had set the alarm for 6:26 p.m., instead of 6:26 a.m.  Oh boy!

We rushed out the door because we had a two hour and twenty-minute drive to meet Jimmy’s parents at The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

The light drizzle turned into a harder rain as we crossed the Ohio River into the state of Kentucky.  The Creation Museum is just over the Ohio border.

Nate from the backseat, “You know, I can only last about an hour and a half at a museum.”

Me – “Don’t worry, Nate.  The museum is only open until 6 p.m.”  Hee, hee, hee, hee…

The good news…Nate saw some bass swimming in the stream that winded through the gardens leading to the Museum.  No, Nate, you can’t fish here.  But at least it was something familiar at a musseeuuum (eye roll).

We met up with Jimmy’s dad, Jim,  just inside the door of the museum.  Jimmy’s mom, Diana, was able to rent an electric scooter to get around as she waited to have knee surgery.  There is certainly a learning curve with driving a scooter, especially through crowds of people.  More on that later…

We met Diana in the Legacy Hall where she was watching a Southern Gospel concert.  Just outside the Legacy Hall, is a large bookstore.  It’s a dangerous place for me.  I love books!

The other interesting thing about the bookstore – it smelled like chocolate!  At the edge of the bookstore, they wisely placed a fudge shop – Uncle Leroy’s Fudge.  Books and chocolate – one of my favorite combinations.

From there, we made our way to the Upper Level where the exhibits begin.  I took the stairs with some of the kids while several others accompanied Nana (Diana) with her scooter on the elevator.

We met on the upper level where the other group had quite a story to tell.  Remember, we talked about the learning curve for driving a scooter?  Here’s the story I was told…

Like we all would do, someone in the group pushed the “up” arrow to call the elevator.  All of a sudden, the scooter started driving forward without Diana doing anything.  The scooter had thick wheels that easily get traction.  In this case, the wheels got traction on the outside of the elevator door.  The scooter was actually driving up the door.  Luke and Jim jumped into action by pulling the scooter back against the motor that was driving it forward.  It turns out that their long umbrella had gotten stuck and was pushing the forward lever on the scooter.  Once the umbrella was dislodged, Diana stopped climbing the door just in time for it to open.  Crisis averted!

On to the exhibits…

The whole museum is organized around eight stages of biblical history:












The exhibits are well-done, with some very life-like characters making appearances.

Here’s Seth with Isaiah, Moses, and King David.

There is a free enhanced audio tour that you can access on your phone but my cell service wasn’t great in the museum so the tour audio was hit or miss.

We also got to see some cool dinosaurs.  They have some good exhibits explaining the existence of dinosaurs before and after the flood.

I also enjoyed some of the exhibits that explained natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and how it can best be explained by a catastrophic flood as opposed to erosion over long periods of time.

We also got to see Noah working on the Ark as he witnessed to onlookers about the pending flood.


After a nice lunch at The Noah’s Ark Café, some strange guy got a hold of the scooter.  We were ready to call Security.

One highlight of the whole museum was Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium.  Seth, our 4th grader, just finished his school insect report so the displays were especially interesting to him.

God’s creativity in some of his smallest creations is remarkable!


At the end of the museum, they had some very well-done exhibits explaining the gospel – obviously the most important and life-changing part of God’s story.

After exiting the main part of the museum, we did enjoy meandering through the lush gardens that they’ve planted outside.


Overall, we enjoyed The Creation Museum.  I was disappointed, though, that there wasn’t more to see.  The onsite Planetarium costs more money on top of the already expensive ticket.  I think that the Planetarium should be included in the cost of your ticket.  Also, the Special Effects theater was closed for renovation while we were there.  We would have enjoyed a few more interactive shows and/or video opportunities.  But all in all, I would recommend taking a trip to The Creation Museum with your family.

Since the museum closed at 6 p.m., we were able to order some take-out dinner to eat at the hotel and get some much-needed rest.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding us today that your plan from the beginning has been one of rescue and restoration.

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