Day 26 – Columbus, Ohio with Old Friends

Day 26 – Columbus, Ohio with Old Friends

After two long days of traveling, it was nice to stay put in our friend’s house.  Jimmy and I even had our own room – apart from the kids.  What a treat!

After staying up until midnight to catch up with our friends, my fishing-obsessed husband got up at 5 a.m. for the first of two fishing trips for the day.  Our friend, George, has a boat but it can only legally hold 4-5 people.  They would take Nate and Seth out on the first trip, then Luke and George’s son, Noah, out on the evening trip.

Meanwhile, I slept in until 9:30 a.m.  It was so refreshing.

Afterwards, I spent the time just reconnecting with my friend Rebecca.

They have three kids – ages 19, 14, and 6.  Their 6-year old daughter was a sweet surprise to their family.

This was our first time meeting her in person.



On the morning fishing trip, Seth caught 10 fish and Nate caught 9 fish.

They caught hybrid stripers, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, sunfish, and the biggest catch of the day – a 49”, 30 lb. muskie.

George is good at documenting his fishing trips.  He texted Rebecca a picture of the fish and she showed me.  When I saw it, I said, “What is that – the Lochness Monster?”

I’d never seen a fish that enormous.

You can see how excited George and Jimmy were.

The boys brought the fish home, cleaned it, and fried it.  It was a nice, late lunch for all these fish lovers.  Just after lunch, all the kids had a water balloon fight.  Once the water balloons were exhausted, they just threw cups of water on each other – resourcefulness!


During the afternoon, I washed and dried about four loads of laundry.  I was thankful to get our clothes clean for the last few days of the trip.  Jimmy and George took naps to get recharged for the evening fishing trip.  At the same time, very intense thunderstorms moved through the area.  The evening fishing trip was up in the air.

Somehow around 5:30 p.m., the sky cleared and Jimmy, George, Noah, and Luke left for the lake.  They didn’t catch as many fish but overall, they had a great time together.

As the boys were leaving the lake, they walked by a dumpster where they heard some rustling noises. As they peered over the edge of the dumpster with their flashlight, two sets of bright eyes shone back at them.  Two racoons were stuck at the bottom.  Noah and Luke had the ingenious idea of putting a large tree branch into the dumpster as a ladder for the racoons.  Sure enough, as soon as they saw the log, the racoons climbed up and out of the dumpster.  Mission accomplished!

That evening, we had a wonderful dinner of tacos – including a Chipolte copycat cilantro-lime rice Rebecca made in her pressure cooker.  The rice was out so delicious that I kept going back for more even after I was done with the tacos.

We spent the night reviewing old fishing videos and recounting all the crazy fishing experiences George and Jimmy had together.  So many fun memories!

George was Jimmy’s first real accountability partner and the friend that helped him dream about starting Men of Armor, our family’s current ministry.  He helped Jimmy write and craft some of our first Men of Armor resources.  It was such a joy to reconnect our families.  We’re so thankful to God for their friendship and how it has shaped our lives and even our vocation.  Men of Armor is now eight years old and God is using the ministry to change so many people’s lives for Him and His glory.  Thank you, Lord, for bringing George and Rebecca into our lives all those years ago and encouraging them to invest in the Kingdom work you were beginning.

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