Day 21 – Lake Tahoe to Idaho

Day 21 – Lake Tahoe to Idaho

The boys had set up their rods last night in preparation for an early morning fishing excursion.  As much as I wanted to go to watch the action, I decided to stay back at the hotel to get some rest.  Emma Grace had no desire to watch the action, she just wanted to sleep in.

Jimmy and the boys headed to Lake Baron, about 20 minutes from our hotel in South Lake Tahoe.

It was the spot where the Tahoe Sportfishing ladies had caught some big rainbow trout just a week before.

The boys were hoping for the same result.

They left the hotel at 6 a.m.

Notice the reflection of the trees in the water?

Jimmy is not a big picture taker.  If I can get him to take one picture, it’s a victory.

Today, he took my nice camera and he took a lot of pictures.  Yay!



Jimmy decided not to fish because he’d have to buy a fishing license.


The boys could fish without a license because they are all under 16.

About 9 a.m., I finally heard from the boys.

I had prayed for a good fishing day for them so I was anxious to hear how it went.

Luke caught a very small catfish.

Seth had a rainbow trout on the line but it snapped the line as he brought it closer to shore.


Nate had the big catch of the day – two 21” Rainbow trout.  He was ecstatic.  Jimmy said that the trout were so big (and wide) that he couldn’t get his hands all the way around them.

Nate found a stick in the trees that he used to mark the length of the trout.  He said that he was going to keep that stick “forever.”

The Tahoe Sportfishing ladies would be proud.  Fishilitus was held off for one more day.

(Side note: The boys showed many fisherman the rainbow trout that Nate caught in the days following.  Every one of these adult men couldn’t believe that a 12 year-old boy had caught such huge trout.  Many of these men had tried all their lives for one this big.  Thank you, Lord!)

From there, we packed up our belongings, pulled out Bart’s handwritten map to Cave Rock, and headed north into Nevaaada.  The map was a winner.  We easily navigated our way to Cave Rock.  However, when I saw the “rock” that Bart wanted us to climb up, I said outloud, “What was Bart thinking?”



Last night, Bart told us that it was a short hike from the parking lot to the rock and then an “easy scramble” to the top.

Instead, Cave Rock looked like it was barely balancing on the side of the mountain, with a good chance of toppling into Lake Tahoe.







Can you see Luke and Seth in the middle of the rocks?

I’m wasn’t sure if the dangerous scramble up the rock was worth the view.










When we got up to the rock, we saw some other people climbing down.  They confirmed that the climb wasn’t that bad.

I must say that the climb ended up being relatively easy as long as you took it slow and carefully selected each stone to climb on.

Thankfully, my kids are old enough now to have a reasonable respect for heights.  They didn’t get too close to the edge.





This is what Bart was thinking – a 180 degree view of the majestic Lake Tahoe:


Thanks Bart!

From there, we had a very long drive to Rexburg, Idaho.  I had only found the hotel the night before.  I’m getting to be an expert on finding inexpensive hotel rooms at the last minute.

The GPS said 9 hours and 58 minutes.  Yikes! It was already 1 p.m. so our ETA was 11 p.m. without stops and without the expected hour time change.  This was going to be a late night.

Our mileage rolled over 5000 in Fernley, Nevada just east of Reno.  Shortly after, we stopped at a rest stop.  In the women’s restroom, there were about 8-10 EMPTY toilet paper rolls in each stall.


I had just the solution – my stash of TP in the glove compartment.  It was a last-minute addition to the van before we left our driveway.  Today it would pay off.

I was beaming with pride as I was able to bless our family by my preparation.

Emma Grace asked me, “Why did you bring toilet paper?”

I could reply in truth, “For such a time as this!”

My Brownie and Girl Scout training had come in handy.  Way to go, me!



As we left the rest stop, intermittent drops of rain hit the windshield.  It was the first sign of rain we’d seen since Day 2 of our trip.  God had surely blessed our weather so far.  I drove and enjoyed the beautiful scenery – the wide plains with a view of shadow-draped mountain in the distance – while the Jimmy and the kids watched the movie “I Can Only Imagine” in the back seat.  We’ve never had a DVD player in our car until this trip but it sure has come in handy on some of our long drives.

The other thing that I haven’t mentioned about our trip is that we picked certain Christian books and booklets for each of our kids to read based on areas they needed to grow in.  Hey, isn’t that what you would expect from parents who are both biblical counselors?

We picked specific reading out for each kid and packed it into their individual backpacks.

The topics include:

-anger (Lou Priolo’s great book entitled – Keeping Your Cool:  A Teen’s Survival Guide)



-living for God (Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper)

-general discipleship

Each book or booklet directs the reader to examine the Scriptures surrounding the topic and cooperate with the Holy Spirit in pleasing the Lord in that area.  We’ve had some great discussions on our long drives about what the kids are reading.  Our son who is reading the book on anger blew us out of the water on one drive when he told us about the chapter he was reading about responding to your parents.  He said that the author listed many Bible verses from Proverbs.  This son (who will remain unnamed) said that he decided to underline all the verbs in the Proverbs verses.  He told us that he needed to change in this area – to put these verbs into action in his own life.

Wow – God!  Thank you for working in the lives of our kids, even with broken parents like us.

As the sun went down on our day, the rain got heavier and heavier.  We had to slow down to drive through the rain safely.  Heavy rain isn’t fun to navigate through, especially in unfamiliar territory.  But I silently thanked the Lord for our van when I saw motorcyclists traveling in the driving rain and a poor soul dragging a trailer with a mattress in it.

We arrived at our hotel at 3 a.m.  We were exhausted!  Like zombies, we trudged into our room and fell into bed.

Thank you, Lord, for protecting us again on another long drive.

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