Best Ever…

Best Ever…

“Best ever…”

Those are my favorite search words in Google.

I love to use it when search for recipes.

“Best ever pancakes”

“Best ever oven-baked ribs”

“Best ever chicken marsala”  (one of my favorites)

“Best ever chocolate chip cookies”

Is your mouth watering yet?

It’s usually pretty easy to hit the internet search jackpot when I use those words – BEST EVER.

You’re likely to stumble upon a recipe that someone has been perfecting for years or decades.  They’ve put the hard work in – you’re just reaping the benefits.

We don’t eat out much.  Oh…I wish we could but taking our family of six out, which includes 3 boys, and 2 teenagers is expensive.  We can’t even get out a fast food restaurant cheap – especially our favorite chicken sandwich stop.  And afterwards, I usually hear from them, “I’m still hungry.”  Ugh!

At home, I get easily get bored of the usual family favorites – that’s when I get on a search for the “best ever.”

Here’s a few of my favorites from my “best ever” searches:


Pancakes.  As you can see from the stains and wrinkles, this is one of our best evers – more specifically “the world’s best”.  I use that search phrase from time-to-time.  How can you go wrong with “the world’s best?”


In case you want to print out your own stain-worthy copy:


You could even combine them:  “the world’s best ever!”  Yeahhhhh….


Dream up your own superlatives – it’s fun.





Oven-baked ribs.  I haven’t had much success with making BBQ ribs at home.  Enter this recipe…

Yippee.  The recipe is not hard and the results are fall-off-the-bone good.   Sometimes we even just eat the ribs with no other sides.  Or sometimes salad – but I don’t think anyone eats it.

They are messy but so yummy!  Can you see the sauce all over them?



Chicken Marsala – this is my favorite Italian dish and my husband always comments on how tender the chicken is.  I use chicken thighs instead of boneless breasts.  Easy Peasy!


Recently on a whim, I decided to use my “best ever” tactic for other things.  I needed some water bottles for my kids at the start of school.  I don’t know about your family but we’ve been through a boatload of water bottles.  Some get dinged up (even run over), some get lost (even taken), and some just don’t hold up to the Stopper rigors of life.  They can’t make it.  So I have a cabinet of sad-looking water bottles longing for their lids and ones the kids deem insufficient.   Enter “best ever”…

I realized that you can search for the “best ever” of virtually anything.  There are websites dedicated just to reviewing water bottles each year.  Who knew?

(Did I mention that I love reviews.  Consumer Reports is one of my favorite websites!)

Again, these wonderful people have put in the hard work of testing water bottles – filling, dropping, opening, measuring.  What hard-working mom doesn’t love these types of people – and especially the ones who post their findings?  So here’s the Amazon link to the “best ever” Liquid Savvy water bottles that I bought for my children:

So far, they are all that I expected – easy open wide mouth lid, no sweating, and keeping the water cold.  During one soccer practice, my son had no water left in his bottle because he said I put too much ice in it.  I’m so used to the ice melting and leaving behind cold water.  This time, the ice didn’t melt.  Imagine that!

So next time you’re looking for a recipe or any other household item, try the “best ever” method.

On to find the “best ever” hot food container for my kids’ lunches…

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  1. I use the Klean Kanteen Classic 27oz in shale black with the Steel Loop Cap. Aside from a small silicone gasket on the lid that can be removed, this makes for an all-steel setup. It is great for everyday use, but also functions as a camp canteen that water can be boiled in if need be. Remove the gasket, unscrew the cap almost all the way to vent, and suspend over a fire. As several readers have already pointed out, you should not do this with a plastic or insulated bottle. For this versatility alone, I recommend the Klean Kanteen.

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